Songbird 1 1 1 stalls on updating library

21-Apr-2016 08:50

songbird 1 1 1 stalls on updating library-36

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In my time as an MP3 consumer I’ve used a plethora of players, both hard- and software.In the early days, developers racing to add new features had me switching and trying out new applications regularly, but by the late 90s I was a dedicated Winamp user, even through the troublesome Winamp3 days. When faced with a year travelling and working in Europe I decided to retire my trusty 256MB “James” and replace him with a shiny, white, inevitable, 20GB (3rd Gen) i Pod.

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Bio Shock and Bio Shock 2 do not have a true in-game console for commands to tweak the environments.After considerable wrangling (warning NSFW language and unrelated ranting in comments) I grudgingly switched to i Tunes, which is an ok piece of software. If all of your music comes to you via i Tunes music store or major label CDs you’ve faithfully purchased and ripped (after reading and understanding any included EULAs) then you probably won’t ever need or want another media player.

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As the saying goes, it’s either feast or famine for us. There might be that one time that we couldn’t meet with our coach or find a friend from class to read with us or put us on tape. When we’re out at parties, screenings, plays, or industry/networking events, we’d really love for you to not only be there, but to help make us look good.… continue reading »

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