Stop computer updating

14-Jan-2017 03:42

“We also heard that unexpected reboots are disruptive if they happen at the wrong time.” To stop these random reboots, Microsoft is adding a new snooze option that appears in a new prompt to let you know there’s a Windows 10 update available.Snooze will stop an update installing for three days, and give you time to save any crucial work.Sit it out if possible, or schedule updates/restarts to happen overnight instead. Depending on how many updates need to configure, it can take a long time. They’ve probably seen an icon advertising the new operating system in their system tray for more than half a year, and put up with more than a few pop-up ads asking them to install the free upgrade.

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At the same time, we know not everyone wants the latest system from Microsoft, for a variety of reasons.

Another way for non-Insiders to control when Windows 10 restarts following an update is through the Control Panel.

Right-click the Start button and select Control Panel Update Orchestrator.

The software giant has long been criticized by Windows 10 users for its aggressive approach to applying updates, and it’s introducing some new options to prevent annoying reboots.

“What we heard back most explicitly was that you want more control over when Windows 10 installs updates,” admits John Cable, Microsoft’s Windows director of program management.

The simplest way to make sure you won’t accidentally end up with Windows 10 is a program called GWX Control Panel.