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If you haven’t already, start tracking your rides for the opportunity to win bike gear (and a year’s supply of toilet paper! We’ve already started warming up in April – don’t wait join now! The National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event uniting thousands of current bicyclists — and encouraging countless new riders.

The National Bike Challenge officially starts May 1st.

In the next years, TMA acquired a fleet of 16 Twin Otter seaplanes, operating alongside Maldivian Air Taxi to provide transfer services to a growing number of tourist resorts in numerous atolls of the archipelago.

In 2006, TMA announced intentions to acquire 3 ATR 42 aircraft to begin operations to the domestic airports scattered in the atolls.

Yangpa debuted in the K-pop industry in 1996 as a high school student and experienced instantaneous popularity, which also made it impossible for her to lead a normal life at school.

In her final year of high school, she was unable to show up to class most of the time from March to May in 1997 as she was busy performing.

The airline was founded in 1989 as Hummingbird Island Helicopters by pilot Kit Chambers.

The company operated a strictly helicopter fleet of aircraft, moving tourists from the airport to a select number of island resorts.

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TMA currently operates the world's largest seaplane fleet.Yangpa said, “Since my graduation, I haven’t been able to visit him.I learned that his son became a member of TVXQ through my friends,” and “I didn’t get to meet TVXQ till recently when I appeared on the same show as them and I finally got the chance to meet Choikang Changmin.” She continued to say, “When I talked about his father as a teacher, Choikang Changmin smiled and said, ‘My father always told me that I should follow your example because you were a good student and you could also sing well.’” When Yangpa and Choikang Changmin’s special connection was revealed, KBS stepped forth and contacted her homeroom teacher.Particulièrement attentif au dancefloor , il sait faire partager sa large culture de la musique tout en assurant une ambiance festive.

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Son style varié n’appartient qu’à lui et transforme en succès l’ensemble de ses passages.Son talent lui permet d’être aussi à l’aise en club comme Dj résident que dans l’animation de soirées privées, à thèmes ou la création de bandes musicales pour des défilés de mode ou bien encore lors des soirées de gala ou d’inauguration.