Unit dating controversy

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These explanations will sometimes be written right into the canon.Some have theorized that the terms "Watsonian" and "Doylist" originated with the Holmesian fan club, the Baker Street Irregulars.During this period, the Doctor teamed up with the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) to fight alien invasions.The term usually extends to , where the second Doctor teamed up with UNIT (in their first appearance) as well as all stories where the third and fourth Doctors worked with UNIT after his exile was lifted.

The terms arise from Sherlock Holmes fandom, where the Holmes stories are presented as if they were actually written by Dr. However, from the standpoint of history, it is more or less incontestable that they were written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.A Doylist perspective stands outside the text, and is sometimes called a real world perspective.