Validating xml against xsd eclipse

24-Apr-2016 22:27

WSO2 maintaines the eclipse axis2 plugins for eclipse.I working on plugins for wso2, sometime back wanted to validate a user given file with the relevant schema.

validating xml against xsd eclipse-8

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Validation usually come together with code completion of elements and attributes. UPDATE: Picture to make validate action more clear: I found out why the validate option doesn't show up.

For example, it allows to map public ID's or external URL's to local files. In other words, to configure a single catalog file, you would need a section like this: A validation set configures a set of XML files, which are validated against a common XML schema.

If you want to validate against multiple schemata, use one validation set per schema.

Currently it seems that it is only validating against the web published version of the xsd.

For example I have the following in my xml: In Eclipse the validation goes against the document located at: Some times what you have may be the url of the xml or schema. If the validation fails there will always be an exception in which case we return false.